Discounted Charter Yacht Prices

lagoon 620 bvi yacht charter cruisingWe offer lower charter yacht prices than major charter companies because we offer private yacht owner time.

For many, it comes as a surprise that big yacht charter companies do not own the yachts they offer for charter. But, it is true. The yachts are owned by private individuals who place their boats into a program. The yacht charter company takes care of the yacht and sells charters to generate income for both the owner and the yacht charter company. So do we, but for a small group of private owners so we have much lower overhead.

What Is Owner Time?

In addition to getting income from charters, another benefit the yacht owner gets is a certain number of reserved weeks each year that he or she can enjoy their yacht or, in some cases, a different, but similar yacht in a different part of the world. These reserved weeks that belong to the yacht owner to use as desired are called owner time.

Why Are Owner Time Charters Cheaper?

Often, yacht owners can’t use all their reserved weeks, so they resell them. There are many reasons owners are willing to sell their owner time at discount charter yacht prices. But the bottom line is that, frequently, owners accept substantial discounts when selling their vacation weeks aboard their boats.

Is My Discounted Charter Less Luxurious?

Lagoon 620 BVI Yacht Charter Family Sailing VacationNo! For example, on the crewed yacht charters available from Owner Time Charters, you are greeted warmly and pampered aboard the same luxury yachts as any other charter guest. You have the same privileges to select the food and drink you want to enjoy and set your itinerary the way you and your charter party want to vacation. The only corner cut is the charter fee.

Your private yacht rental is for your family and friends to enjoy as we do not offer by-the-cabin bookings.

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