Lagoon 620 Crewed Yacht Charters
crewed caribbean yacht charters are offered aboard the Lagoon 620 catamaran
Luxury All-Inclusive Crewed Yacht Charters Aboard Lagoon 620 catamarans
Lagoon 620 catamaran
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter in a caribbean sunset
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter are memorable family vacations
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter at sunset
Lagoon 620 offers lots of open deck spaces for fun and relaxation
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter offers family sailing vacations
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter offers relaxation
Lagoon 620 from the saloon toward the outdoor dining deck
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter offers a chef who cooks 5-star gourmet meals to your preferences
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter saloon indoor dining
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter offers elegant or relaxed gourmet cuisine
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter guest cabin
Lagoon 620 all-inclusive yacht charter guest cabin
Lagoon 620 Layout Specifications

The LAGOON 620

  • Captain
  • Private Chef
  • 6 Cabins
  • 10-12 People
  • Generator
  • Electric Flush
  • 2 Water Makers
  • Air Conditioning
  • 62′ Length Over All

LAGOON 620 Crewed Charter

Aboard your Lagoon 620 crewed yacht charter, up to 12 of your family and friends can enjoy a 5-star luxury sailing vacation. By-the-cabin bookings. are not available. Compare types of all-inclusive Caribbean vacations…cruise ships, resorts, and our crewed charter. You’ll be surprised at how affordable our crewed yacht charters are!

LAGOON 620 Fully Crewed Charter Rates

(Pricing varies based on destination and availability)

Low Season High Season
$22,000/wk & up $28,000/wk & up
  • Length overall: 18.90m/62′
  • Beam: 10.00m/32’10”
  • Draft: 1.55m/5’1”
  • Mast clearance: 31m/101’9”
  • Light displacement (EEC): 30.8t
  • Sail area: 231m²/2486 sq ft
  • Full-batten mainsail: 140m²/1506 sq ft
  • Square top mainsail (opt): 146m²/1571 sq ft
  • Furling genoa: 91m²/979 sq ft
  • Furling staysail: 48m²/516 sq ft
  • Asymmetrical spinnaker (opt): 300m²/3228 sq ft
  • Code O (opt): 185m²/1991 sq ft
  • Engine (std): 2 x 110 CV / 2 x 110 HP
  • Optional engine: 2 x 150
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 650l/2 x 172 US gal
  • Fresh water capacity: 4 x 240l/4 x 63 US gal
Sample Menu

Every day for breakfast the following will be served:

  • Coffee – Tea – Orange juice or mixed fruit juice
  • Yoghurt–fromage blanc
  • Cereals ‐ honey
  • Assortment of Fruits
  • Croissants–Pains au chocolats–Baguette à l’ancienne – Homemade bread ‐ Butter, Jam
  • Assortment of charcuterie, cheese, ham, bacon
  • Eggs – omelette, boiled.

Each day before dinner an assortment of tapas will be served such as mini tomato mozzarella, tomato and goat cheese with grissini,  gazpacho soup, fresh tuna tartare, salmon mousse, zucchini with black olive tapenade, fresh vegetables with dip, mini melon‐parma sticks, grilled shrimp with dragon, anchovies/octopus in garlic, and grilled vegetables.

Day 1
Lunch – Fish soup with grilled bread, rouille, and cheese
Dinner – Lamb chops with grilled vegetables, mini potatoes “fleur de sel”
Dessert – Vanilla ice with coffee and a splash of Vodka
Day 2
Lunch – Salad Niçoise with fresh tuna
Dinner – Escalope Milanese with pasta
Dessert – Chocolate mousse
Day 3
Lunch – Salad tomato mozzarella and assortment of Parma, Mortadella and French salami
Dinner – Codfish with leek and mashed potatoes
Dessert – Café Glacé
Day 4
Lunch – Caeser salad with crispy parmesan garlic bread
Dinner – Tomatoes and peppers stuffed with minced meat and rice
Dessert – Crème of chestnuts with mascarpone and macaroons
Day 5
Lunch – Greek salad
Dinner – BBQ of gambas and mixed fish with summer salad
Dessert – Egg custard with fresh berries
Day 6
Lunch – Carpaccio of St. Jacques with truffle oil and fleur de sel
Dinner – Fresh catch of the day and local grilled vegetables
Dessert – Brochettes de fruits and mint
Day 7
unch – Assortment of Club Sandwiches and wraps “terre et mer”
Dinner – Daurade Mediterranean style
Dessert – Mousse of Amaretto or Grand Marnier





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    During the first few years of Jenny’s retirement, she fell in love with boating and the Bahamas. She started to book owner time as a hobby, and after meeting a few friends who own boats in a major charter company, her involvement became more than just a hobby!

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