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It depends on your destination.  For example: in BVI, you will be responsible for BVI park fees which, all together will run you about $8 per person, per day. This permit will provide you with daytime mooring in restricted areas. Fuel for the boat is not included. You are responsible to bring the boat back with full tanks, diesel and outboard. Check fuel levels before departing. You will be responsible for the costs of mooring balls. You’ll always find a place to drop your anchor for free but it may not be as convenient as mooring balls.

We have our standard offerings of all-inclusive crewed yacht charters (the Lagoon 620, the Ipanema 58, and the Bali 54). But, we offer amazing flexibility! For almost any boat in our fleet, you can add a captain, chef, provisioning, or all 3 to get the partially crewed or all-inclusive crewed sailing vacation on the boat you want. Pricing varies among locations and boats so call us or submit an inquiry form to get rates for any and all services on any of our catamarans.

At this time, Owner Time Charters only offers bareboat and crewed charters aboard only catamarans.

No. At this time, only private bareboat or all-inclusive crewed catamaran charters are offered. But at our deeply discounted charter rates, you may find that organizing with a few close friends or family members will provide you with a per-person rate competitive with other charter companies’ by-the-cabin rates.

Owner Time

Private individuals purchase boats like those in our catamaran fleet and place them in charter with a major yacht charter company. This arrangement is commonly used by people who want to own a boat, but want to avoid much of the cost to maintain it. Both the charter company and the boat owner reap a myriad of advantages. The primary reasons this type of arrangement works are: The charter company gets to charter the boat and keep the profit. The catamaran owner gets to enjoy the boat for an agreed-upon number of weeks per year without headache and expense of maintaining the boat. The owner’s allotted weeks are called “owner time”. Often, a boat owner does not need all of the allotted owner time so often it is sold to offset the expense of the boat purchase. Read more about our discounted owner time rates.

When you use owner’s weeks, you are the yacht owner’s special guests. Every owner wants to make sure his boat is properly maintained and looked after, and the charter company wants to make sure the owner is pleased with the service. As the owner’s representative, you are likely to find a superior level of service from the large charter company that maintains the yacht.

What’s Included

The hull insurance is included in the price. For trip insurance you might want to check out:

All our boats are capable of providing WiFi to guests. Upon arrival, you’ll log in to provide payment information via credit card for a day or by the week. On shore and at marinas, places you’ll visit will have free WiFi. Cell phones work throughout. Check and adjust your cell phone plan before leaving to avoid roaming fees and high per minute costs.

Yes, the galley is fully equipped for charter with coffee pot, pots and pans and dishes and cups and glasses.

Yes! There is a BBQ grill on your catamaran charter, and you should make sure to use it to grill fresh seafood or whatever else you desire.

The smaller dinghy on 4 cabin boats can carry 4-6 adults. The larger dinghy, for the 6 cabin boats can carry 6-8 adults.

At the dock, electricity is 110V in most places in the Caribbean.

Yes! A dinghy is provided with your catamaran charter for your convenience.

You can hire a captain for a shorter period of time until you are comfortable sailing on your own and are familiar with the boat.

Yes​, one set of towels per guest, including a beach towel.

No food items are supplied on the boat, unless the charter is all inclusive. Learn more about all-inclusive charters.

Sorry, no beach chairs provided​.

We supply snorkeling equipment and can add water toys at an additional charge.

On each of our charters each head is supplied with a roll of toilet paper.



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