Letters from Dan’s Vacation in French Polynesia, 2020

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Dan Spiner, Managing Director of Owner Time Charters, is currently sailing in French Polynesia. We’ve asked him to report back about traveling in 2020. What is a Tahiti vacation like in the time of Covid? He was excited at the opportunity to share his experiences, photos, and suggestions. So much so that we’ve decided to devote a number of blog posts to it!


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The experience of getting to Tahiti feels safer than walking down the street…

The government of French Polynesia has done such an amazing job at controlling and identifying any Covid cases to a success point that makes one feel more secure to be in Tahiti than anywhere else. Before boarding a flight in Los Angeles, everyone must have tested negatively in the past 72 hours. After boarding the plane for an 8 hour flight which includes two meals and comfortably reclining seats one arrives in Papeete in the morning. The plane was at most 1/3 full and anyone who wanted three seats across to sleep could grab a row. There is a 30 minute local flight to the charter base. Airport to base is a 10 minute taxi ride. Upon arrival in Papeete, a self-test is distributed and must be submitted at one of many health facilities in four days.

This whole process has made detection and control succeed well beyond 99.999%. One case was recently identified aboard a cruise ship and all 350 on board were immediately quarantined and tested. It turned out that no other cases were found and all are being quarantined for 7 days. All these efforts have created an environment where one can feel very safe during a Tahiti vacation.

Add scenery to the safety net in place and now you have an easy cruising ground with unlimited anchoring along the coral reef, and one has paradise every day. The food stores are large and well stocked. For a change, take a day by the pool at one of many resorts with pools, hiking up the incredible mountains, pristine corals and snorkeling or diving and you can’t go wrong.

Nice little towns, nice people, clean and Tahiti becomes a must go destination now. Do it now at a reduced cost thru Owner Time Charters.




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