Thoughts on Air Travel in 2020

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Flying in 2020

An Uncrowded AirplaneSay Goodbye to the Middle Seat!…(for now)

No more jostling over that invaluable armrest real estate! In-flight social distancing has created a kind of silver-lining as travelers adjust to new realities: airlines are blocking middle seats in coach class.  Bloomberg News reports here.

We’re looking forward to feeling less squished on our flights to our favorite sailing destinations. How long will this spacious new air travel reality last? There are predictions that it could be til the end of 2020.



Autumn 2020: “The New Spring 2020”

If you were planning on chartering this fall, take into account that charterers are moving their reservations from the spring to post-August, so reservations are filling up very fast.

Here’s a link to the latest Caribbean travel restrictions that we have found helpful.



Airlines are waiving cancellation fees.

The logistics of rescheduling a vacation can be difficult, but those who begin their planning early could benefit from some of the amazing deals airlines have been offering on late 2020 and early 2021 tickets.

Here’s a helpful (and current) list of the cancellation policies of all major carriers.



The view of BVI from plane

It’s all about getting to see this view again.

If you’re like us, you’re counting the days until you’re be able to see the iconic landing strip of Terrance B. Lettsome International (EIS) in the British Virgin Islands outside of your window, waiting for you to touch down and begin another great sailboat charter.

As the air travel industry adjusts to the current global climate, our chartering community will continue to work together to keep each other informed and hopeful. Because we know we’ll be back on the water soon.

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