Sailing a charter boat in the Bahamas

 In The Bahamas

Sailing a charter boat in the Bahamas

A private luxury catamaran charter is easily the best way to experience the Bahamas and all its delight. The Bahamas yacht charter lets you charter in style through luxury catamarans with enormous ensuite cabins tastefully furnished and decorated. Choosing the best crew, yacht and package deal ensures your sailing charter experience is undeniably first-class. Indulge in an extraordinary vacation that will electrify your spirit, delight your senses, and possibly inflame your passion.

There’re so many beaches, so many bars, so many islands, but only so much time. Some of the essential things to do to make the most of your crewed bareboat sailing yacht vacation in the Bahamas are;

Getting your dream yacht

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of yachts, catamarans, and bareboat. Get a yacht with a crew that’s both polite, communicative, and fun to be around. A crew that knows their machine and the Bahamas will make the yacht sailing trip even more fun. And with an experienced, professional crew, you get to enjoy the Bahamas sunshine, relax and let them take care of you.

Dial up your vacation itinerary

Your Bahamas itinerary will depend on how the wind blows. Safety and comfort are a must-have so, flexible routing options are the way to experience the perfect balance of lively ports and stunning anchorages and soak up in all the Bahamas has to offer. You haven’t toured the Bahamas if you haven’t been to Exumas, the Abacos, and all the sheltered harbors, pristine deserted islands, enchanting diving, snorkeling areas, and of course, the numerous cocktail bars and restaurants.

We offer a personalized service that takes care of everything so you can have the most fun. Let us treat you to a vacation of a lifetime without having you deal with any of the stressful planning stuff.

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