4 Reasons Why People Gather Onboard for Our Charters

Why Take a Catamaran Charter?

Here are four reasons.


From college reunions to work training seminars, to couples getaways and family reunions, chartering a yacht is a great way to reconnect with the people in your life.

Shared activities like kayaking, meals, and learning to raise a sail mean spending real quality time together. This is definitely our pick for the best family reunion destination.




Birthdays, holidays, and wedding parties, anniversaries and honeymoons. We’ve seen them all.

When you charter a yacht, you get an incredibly luxurious experience that’s outside the ordinary flow of life. It’s a fantastic way to highlight your celebration and focus on this monumental moment in your life.




This is your own personal oasis away from the ordinary, a place where your whims are catered to and you can escape from traffic, cell phones, and the other little stresses of daily life that add up.

Surrounded by stunning blue waters and lush shorelines, you can even unplug for a little while and turn off the on-board WiFi. That’s why it’s a great option for mindfulness retreats, yoga summits, and vacation getaways.




Whether you’re heading to a local festival or just in search of new cultures and experiences, we offer destinations in some of the most sought after places in the world to go on vacation.

Croatian waterfalls, Antigua Race Week, the spices of Grenada, and the pigs of the Bahamas. From the Caribbean to the South Pacific to Europe, a charter yacht provides a singular experience to explore the world.


Owner Time Charters provides an affordable way to experience a week-long luxury yacht vacation. It’s a singular way off the beaten track to relax, reconnect, celebrate, and explore.

Find out more at Ownertimecharters.com.

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