Cruise Ships vs. Crewed Charters

Compare a Catamaran to a Cruise Ship

How does a chartered catamaran vacation compare to a regular cruise vacation?* 

*Spoiler alert–it’s not even close!

Number of People Aboard

Cruise: 3,000. Expect lines for the lunch buffet and crowded pools.

Crewed Charter: 12 (max). Expect your own private diving spots and plenty of prime sunbathing real estate.

The Definition of “All-Inclusive”

On a cruise ship, your fare covers your passage on the ship and food–that’s it.  

That doesn’t include: port transportation, specialty restaurants, shore excursions, alcohol, soda, or gratuities (many cruise lines automatically charge steward and waitstaff tips to your credit card).  

On a chartered cruise, “All-Inclusive” means your fare includes: a captain, a private chef, all your meals, alcohol and yes, even soda.  You choose the meals, you choose how much to tip. And since the crew is only two people, your gratuity goes further.

The Food

Ocean liners have a reputation for their food. Feeding so many people while boasting an enormous smorgasbord has come at a cost.  The quality of the food has suffered (or wilted and yellowed, to be more exact).

Unsurprisingly, having a private chef makes for a better culinary experience at sea!  On a chartered yacht meals are tailor-made to fit your desires. Snacks and cocktails are served as much as you’d like, and if you go ashore the chef will send you off with a boxed lunch!

The Beach

A Cruise Day Trip: Expect to be sharing the sand and sun with a lot of other people.

A Charter Day Trip: Choose which beach you go to and who you share it with!

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