Antigua is OPEN

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Antigua is open

Antigua Announces Phased Reopening Of Tourism Sector!

As per the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority: “The Government of Antigua & Barbuda has announced a phased approach to the reopening of the country’s tourism and hospitality industry as they prepare to welcome the first guests back on island…” as of June 4th!

The press release, issued late last week states: “A series of travel safety protocols are being introduced which impact every element of the visitor experience, from arrivals at ports of entry, through ground transfers, resort accommodations, restaurants, tours and attractions.” [DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE]


What to Expect:

Phase One Safety Measures in Antigua are being upheld to ensure the health and safety of residents and visitors alike. Here are three basic safety measures being used in the reopening. For more, refer to the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority.

  1. Wear a mask! All arriving travelers must have a mask for use on disembarkation and to be worn in public areas.
  2. Complete a health declaration form. Screenings and thermal checks upon arrival and possible coronavirus testing on arrival.
  3. On-flight elbow room! As we mentioned back in April, large commercial flights are carrying far fewer travelers on normally packed planes.  Passenger transport vehicles are permitted to carry only 50% of the seating capacity en route to Antigua.


What makes Antigua a Great Place to Charter a Catamaran?

  • The largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean, Antigua boasts a warm climate and steady trade winds.
  • Antigua is one of the world’s most desirable sailing destinations with its beautiful coastline, incredible history, multitude of safe harbors and coral reef.
  • Apparently there are around 365 distinct beaches on Antigua. You’d have to charter for a full year to spend a day on each! Perhaps start with a single week, departing from Jolly Harbor and heading out into the friendly Caribbean waters for some serious social distancing.

Contact Us to Learn More about Chartering in Antigua

We’re thrilled that Antigua has opened for tourism!

We’ll continue to keep you updated with the resources we’re using to follow current travel information and how it’s affecting our industry. As the air travel industry adjusts to the current global climate, our chartering community will continue to work together to keep each other informed and hopeful.

Contact Jenny with questions about chartering in Antigua and elsewhere.

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