9 Reasons Why Boat Charters Are the Best Family Vacation

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Charters: the Best Family Vacation

Want to shake things up on your next family vacation? 

Here are 9 reasons why a yacht charter is definitely the best choice:

1. Chartering a yacht is a great family-friendly vacation since there’s something for everyone. No family’s going to agree on what they want to do all the time, but chartering a yacht gives you a fighting chance for every member of the family to

The Fitzgerald family enjoying a bareboat charter in the Bahamas

The Fitzgerald family enjoying a bareboat charter in the Bahamas

be happy. Why? Options! Even if you don’t sail, we have kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkels onboard, a whole bunch of different ways to get you out having fun on the water. If you just want to hang out for the day, there’s WiFi and air conditioning onboard. And going ashore is easy, since we have tenders to take you in at any point to explore the land, hike, sightsee, try local food, and bar hop at night.

2.Talk about quality family bonding time! By day you’re going on adventures and exploring new parts of the world together. By night you’re having family dinners, playing games together, and enjoying each other’s company. These are the memories your kids are going to hold onto growing up, those times when it was just the family, the yacht, and the deep blue sea.

Brian and son steering a bareboat catamaran charter

Brian and son steering a bareboat catamaran charter in the Bahamas, 2019.

3.Fun in the sun while learning new things! Learn to sail, to snorkel, to kayak, paddleboard, and swim. Become acquainted with new cultures, foods, and languages. Chartering a boat provides the comfort you want on vacation while creating a full immersive experience you just can’t get at a hotel or resort. You’ll come back from vacation with a whole range of new skills – maybe you’ll even be inspired to become a boat captain and enter season 5 of Below Deck!

Brian and son at the helm during their bareboat catamaran in the Bahamas

Vera (age 3) had a wonderful time on her crewed BVI catamaran charter.

4. No experience necessary! There’s no need to write off a charter vacation just because you don’t know how to sail. You have the option of having a private captain on board to take care of that. The captain will show you all the coolest secret spots, and even teach you a trick or two about sailing.

5. This is a vacation, and that means a vacation from cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping, too. Your private chef will keep you happy, full, and healthy the whole time. Want to create your own menu? They’ll be happy to follow it. Want to be surprised? They’re on it. And whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, allergic to nuts, or a total meat lover, the entire experience will be tailored to your dietary restrictions. Whatever floats your boat!

6. You don’t have to pick just one destination to stay the whole time You don’t have to spend hours stuffed in a car playing I Spy while driving between cities. The best part about a yacht? You can sail wherever you want, and it’s getting there that’s half the fun. After you choose where you want to get on board the yacht, we’ll give you an itinerary tailor-made to your interests. And if you change your mind along the way, the captain will help you make those changes. They might even take you over to Pig Beach to see the Bahamian Pigs!

Getting ready to go snorkeling during a bareboat charter in the Bahamas

Getting ready to go snorkeling during a bareboat charter in the Bahamas

7. The yacht is the castle and YOU are the king. For a week (or longer!), you get to experience the unique feeling of being the proud owner of a luxurious sailboat. It’s the ideal luxury experience for anyone who wants to temporarily escape their everyday life.

The Bergeron's son at the bow of their catamaran charter in the Bahamas.

The Bergeron’s son with the best seat in the house.

8. There’s no need to drain your 401k for this trip. It isn’t nearly as expensive to rent a yacht as you probably think it is. Do a quick cost comparison to a week at an all-inclusive resort, where you stick to one location eating the same cafeteria food every day. With a private charter, you get new experiences every day, as well as a private cook, with food and drink (yep, that means alcohol!) included. It’s a huge money saver. Get a quote now!

9. These memories will last a lifetime. A yacht charter is a rich, varied experience that provides a huge array of unique opportunities for adventure, relaxation, learning new things, and pushing your own boundaries. And the best part? You and your family are there doing it all together, making memories you’ll be reflecting on for the rest of your lives.

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