Frequently Asked Questions

What are “owner time weeks” ?

Private individuals purchase boats like those in our catamaran fleet and place them in charter with a major yacht charter company. This arrangement is commonly used by people who want to own a boat, but want to avoid much of the cost to maintain it. Both the charter company and the boat owner reap a myriad of advantages. The primary reasons this type of arrangement works are:

  • The charter company gets to charter the boat and keep the profit.
  • The catamaran owner gets to enjoy the boat for an agreed-upon number of weeks per year without headache and expense of maintaining the boat.

The owner’s allotted weeks are called “owner time”. Often, a boat owner does not need all of the allotted owner time so often it is sold to offset the expense of the boat purchase. Read more about our discounted owner time rates.

How do owner-time weeks work in a charter?

Instead of using allotted owner time to take a sailing vacation himself, the boat owner sells you the privilege of using his week aboard the boat. Because an individual boat owner has less marketing power than large yacht charter companies, the owner time weeks are usually sold at a discount. Here is how the charter is booked:

  • You work with our staff to settle on the destination, boat type, and price.
  • The boat gets booked under the boat owner’s name.
  • You and your guests will be registered as the owner’s special guests.
  • If you are booking a bareboat charter, you will appoint a skilled skipper. (If you do not have a skipper, we can arrange one for you). The appointed skipper will fill out a captain resumé for the owner’s review and the charter company’s acceptance.
  • Upon full payment and acceptance of the captain resumé, you arrive at the port to board your boat. Note to make your vacation more relaxing we not only can provide captains, but chef or provisioning on anyof our boats.
Does owner time have a different service level from regular charters?

As the owner’s special guests, you represent the owner coming to inspect his boat. Every owner wants to make sure his boat is properly maintained and looked after, and the charter company wants to make sure the owner is pleased with the service. So, while most charter companies strive for 5-star service for all their charter guests, as the owner’s respresentative, you will likely find a superior level of service.

Are by-the-cabin bookings offered?

No. At this time, only private bareboat or all-inclusive crewed catamaran charters are offered. But at our deeply discounted charter rates, you may find that organizing with a few close friends or family members will provide you with a per-person rate competitive with other charter companies’ by-the-cabin rates.

What boats are all-inclusive with a crew?

We have our standard offerings of all-inclusive crewed yacht charters (see the list of boats at to bottom of that page). But, we offer amazing flexibility! For any boat in our fleet, you can add a captain, chef, provisioning, or all 3 to get the partially crewed or all-inclusive crewed sailing vacation on the boat you want. Pricing varies among locations and boats so call us or submit an inquiry form to get rates for any and all services on any of our catamarans.

Are monohull charters available?

No. Owner Time Charters offers bareboat and crewed charters aboard only catamarans.


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